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Semiconductor Inspection Test Socket: Semiconductor Test Socket and Total Solution

All semiconductor products are subject to post-process verification for defect check. Here, a semiconductor test socket works to serve as a core inspection part electrically linking the testing instrument and the semiconductor chips.

With its capability of developing and manufacturing the highly customized semiconductor test socket, ISC Co., LTD. offers the total test solution by way of technical innovation.

Referring to 'Integrated Silicone Contactor' ISC Test Socket takes advantage of the silky silicone to prevent harming the semiconductor, much improved from the conventional Test Socket (Pogo Pin-type) to realize the unique concept for the highly innovative product.

  • Featured by ISC Test Socket is its thinner structure than the conventional one for prompt signal transfer.
  • ISC Test Socket is compatible with the micro-pitch semiconductors below 300um, while successfully retaining the greatest part of current.

With its advanced growth capacity and the unparalleled technology, ISC Co., LTD. has worked hard to further solidify the corporate competitiveness by way of constant managerial diagnosis and talent cultivation. Intra-company Informatization, Innovation Activities for Variable Businesses and Continual Training & Education and Performance Management are evidences of the Company's effort in realizing the vision of “Semiconductor Total Test Solution Provider Global No.1” and stepping further for a class-leading, global Hidden Champion.


It is ISC's objective to work and develop together with cusotmers for the eventual cusotmer impresstion.

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